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Drones of all sizes are being used by environmental advocates to monitor deforestation, by conservationists to track poachers, and by journalists and activists to document large protests.環保倡導者正在使用各種尺寸的無人機來監控森林砍伐,環保主義者正在使用這種無人機來追踪偷獵者,新聞記者和活動人士正在使用它們來記錄大規模的抗議活動。 As a作為一個 政治社會學家 研究社交活動和無人機的人在我的新書中記錄了各種各樣的非暴力和親社會無人機用途:好無人機。” I show that these efforts have the potential to democratize surveillance.我表明,這些努力有可能使監督民主化。

但是,當國土安全部將大型固定翼無人機從美墨邊境轉移到 監督抗議以及城鎮嘗試使用無人機 測試人發燒,該考慮一下天空中有多少隻眼睛,以及如何避免不必要的空中監視。 One way that's within reach of nearly everyone is learning how to simply disappear from view.幾乎每個人都可以掌握的一種方法是學習如何簡單地從視線中消失。


在過去的十年中,公眾對無人機的使用激增-每天都有技術在做的人 有趣的東西。 As drones enter already-crowded airspace, the Federal Aviation Administration is當無人機進入已經擁擠的領空時,美國聯邦航空局 努力應對。 The near future is likely to see even more of these devices in the sky, flown by an ever-growing cast of social, political and economic actors.在不久的將來,越來越多的社會,政治和經濟參與者將在空中看到更多此類設備。


關於無人機使用和傳播的公眾意見仍然存在 在空中,但無人機的迅速使用引發了減少無人機的大量努力。 These responses range from public policies exerting community control over local airspace, to the development of sophisticated jamming equipment and tactics for knocking drones out of the sky.這些響應包括從對社區領空實施社區控制的公共政策,到開發先進的干擾設備和將無人機擊落天空的策略。

From startups to major defense contractors, there is a scramble to deny airspace to drones, to hijack drones digitally, to control drones physically and to shoot drones down.從初創企業到大型國防承包商,人們都在爭先恐後地拒絕領空,以數字方式劫持無人機,以物理方式控制無人機並擊落無人機。 Anti-drone measures range from simple blunt force,反無人機措施包括簡單的鈍力, 10口徑shot彈槍,如詩般: 訓練有素的鷹.

Many of these anti-drone measures are expensive and complicated.這些反無人機措施很多都是昂貴且複雜的。 Some are illegal.有些是非法的。 The most affordable – and legal – way to avoid drone technology is避免使用無人機技術的最實惠且合法的方法是 .



The first thing you can do to hide from a drone is to take advantage of the natural and built environment.您可以對無人機隱藏的第一件事就是利用自然和建築環境。 It's possible to wait for bad weather, since smaller devices like those used by local police have a hard time flying in high winds, dense fogs and heavy rains.有可能等待惡劣的天氣,因為像當地警察使用的小型設備在強風,濃霧和大雨中很難飛行。


(如何在監視時代對無人機隱藏鬼影的微妙技巧)在世界的某些地區,躲避無人機是生死攸關的問題。 無人機生存指南, CC BY-NC

The second thing you can do is minimize your digital footprints.您可以做的第二件事是最大程度地減少數字足跡。 It's smart to avoid using wireless devices like mobile phones or GPS systems, since they have digital signatures that can reveal your location.避免使用諸如移動電話或GPS系統之類的無線設備是明智的,因為它們具有可以顯示您的位置的數字簽名。 This is useful for evading drones, but is also important for avoiding other privacy-invading technologies.這對於逃避無人機很有用,但對於避免其他侵犯隱私的技術也很重要。

The third thing you can do is confuse a drone.您可以做的第三件事是使無人機混亂。 Placing mirrors on the ground, standing over broken glass, and wearing elaborate headgear,將鏡子放在地面上,站在碎玻璃上,並戴著精緻的頭飾, 機器可讀毛毯 or 傳感器干擾夾克 會分解並扭曲無人機看到的圖像。


Drones equipped with infrared sensors will see right through the mannequin trick, but are confused by tactics that mask the body's temperature.配備紅外傳感器的無人機將通過人體模型招看,但是被掩蓋人體溫度的策略所迷惑。 For example, a space blanket will mask significant amounts of the body's heat, as will simply hiding in an area that matches the body's temperature, like a building or sidewalk exhaust vent.例如,一塊太空毯會掩蓋大量的人體熱量,就像會躲在與人體溫度相匹配的區域一樣,例如建築物或人行道的排氣口。

The fourth, and most practical, thing you can do to protect yourself from drone surveillance is to get a disguise.保護自己免受無人機監視的第四件也是最實際的事情是變相。 The growth of mass surveillance has led to an explosion in creative experiments meant to mask one's identity.大規模監視的增長導致旨在掩蓋自己身份的創造性實驗的爆炸式增長。 But some of the smartest ideas are decidedly old-school and low-tech.但是,一些最聰明的想法絕對是過時的和低技術的。 Clothing is the first choice, because hats, glasses, masks and scarves go a long way toward scrambling drone-based facial-recognition software.服裝是首選,因為帽子,眼鏡,口罩和圍巾在爭奪基於無人機的面部識別軟件方面大有幫助。

Your gait is as unique as your fingerprint.步態與指紋一樣獨特。 As gait-recognition software evolves, it will be important to also mask the key pivot points used in identifying the walker.隨著步態識別軟件的發展,掩蓋用於識別步行者的關鍵樞軸點也很重要。 It may be that the best response is affecting a limp, using a minor leg brace or wearing extremely loose clothing.最好的應對措施是使用輕微的腿部支撐或穿著非常寬鬆的衣服來影響a行。

藝術家和科學家們將這些方法進一步發展了, 連帽外套 旨在屏蔽所有者的熱量特徵並擾亂面部識別軟件,以及 眼鏡 旨在挫敗面部識別系統。


These innovations are alluring, but umbrellas may prove to be the most ubiquitous and robust tactic in this list.這些創新引人入勝,但在該清單中,遮陽傘可能是最普遍且最有效的策略。 They're affordable, easy to carry, hard to see around and can be disposed of in a hurry.它們價格適中,易於攜帶,難以看見並且可以急忙處理。 Plus you can build a另外,您可以構建一個 高科技一, 如果你想。

It would be nice to live in a world with fewer impositions on privacy, one in which law enforcement did not use small quadcopters and the Department of Homeland Security did not redeploy large Predator drones to surveil protesters.生活在一個對隱私施加更少限制的世界中,這是很好的選擇,在這個世界中,執法部門不使用小型四軸飛行器,而國土安全部也沒有重新部署大型捕食者無人機來監視抗議者。 And, for people in some parts of the world, it would be nice not to associate the sound of a drone with impending missile fire.而且,對於世界上某些地區的人們來說,最好不要將無人機的聲音與即將到來的導彈射擊聯繫在一起。 But given that those eyes are in the sky, it's good to know how to hide.但是考慮到那些眼睛在天空中,知道如何隱藏是一件好事。


政治社會學副教授Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick, University of San Diego.聖地亞哥大學。 He is the author of:他是以下作者的作者: 好無人機:社會運動如何使監視民主化. 談話麻省理工學院出版社作為The Conversation US的成員提供資金。

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