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我們的書, 你的自我交響曲 presents many stories about individuals and their situations as well as some fairly deep dives into language, culture, philosophy, religion, psychology (of course), neuroscience, postmodernism, and more.展示了許多有關個人及其處境的故事,並對語言,文化,哲學,宗教,心理學(當然),神經科學,後現代主義等進行了相當深入的探討。 Tying together all of this is a widespread understanding—visible nearly everywhere, really—that each of us is or can be a healthy multiplicity of selves, working together more or less well.將所有這些結合在一起是一種廣泛的理解(實際上幾乎在任何地方都可以看到),即我們每個人都是或可以是一個健康的自我多樣性,或多或少地相互合作。


One of the concepts that has proved most useful to readers—and, in all honesty, to ourselves personally as we developed the book—is learning how to enhance the capacity to move into the right part of ourselves for any given situation.事實證明,對於讀者(最誠實的說,對我們自己而言,對我們自己而言)最有用的概念之一就是,在任何給定的情況下,如何提高進入正確的部分的能力。 To achieve and remain in good mental health, we need to learn how to be “in the right mind at the right time.”為了實現並保持良好的心理健康,我們需要學習如何“在正確的時間以正確的心態”。 

When you have this understanding, you will find that it immediately improves your understanding of yourself and others.當您有了這種了解時,您會發現它會立即增進您對自己和他人的了解。 It may even save your life, which is why we will shortly turn to a remarkable moment in the life of a remarkable man and how his well-developed ability to shift into the right self made all the difference.它甚至可以挽救您的生命,這就是為什麼我們不久將轉向一個非凡男人的非凡時刻,以及他向右自我轉變的成熟能力如何使一切變得如此。

Parenthetically, describing someone as having multiple selves was accepted in early psychology and, indeed, was somewhat central to the early understanding both of normal consciousness and of psychopathology.附帶說明,在早期心理學中將某人描述為具有多個自我,的確在早期理解正常意識和心理病理學方面處於中心地位。 The father of American psychology, William James, clearly depicted all human beings as having different “social selves.”美國心理學之父威廉·詹姆斯(William James)清楚地描述了所有人類都有不同的“社會自我”。

威廉·詹姆斯(William James)也因其“思想似乎包含了心理實體的聯盟”而聞名。 自我的交響曲 不僅回顧了詹姆斯所說的話,而且還考慮了其他數十位心理學家,科學家,作家,藝術家,哲學家的作品,以及有關健康多重性的更多著作。

(“讓我[詹姆斯·法迪曼](James Fadiman)說來很尷尬,但是即使在對七個版本進行了七個修訂之後,其掩蓋性也是如此,以至於我幾乎完全錯過了它。”)


You may be surprised to find that a wide range of people—from some of the best-known rock stars, to the most studied philosophers, to the most important neuroscientists—all agree that an understanding and appreciation of your selves is to your obvious advantage.您可能會驚訝地發現,從一些最著名的搖滾明星,到研究最多的哲學家,再到最重要的神經科學家,各種各樣的人都同意,對自己的理解和欣賞對您很明顯有利。 Nearly everyone we feature in the book—of whom there are many—agrees that people really do have different selves and really do “embrace a confederation of psychic entities.”我們書中介紹的幾乎每個人(其中有很多人)都同意人們確實確實擁有不同的自我,並且確實做到了“擁抱精神實體聯合會”。

The reason that we have the ability to change from one self to another is that it improves our survival in general;我們之所以能夠從一個自我變成另一個自我,是因為它總體上提高了我們的生存能力。 it improves our relationships;它改善了我們的關係; and it has serious positive effects on our health.對我們的健康有嚴重的積極影響。 Most parents, for example, can recall a moment in the raising of their children when there was an immediate and even potentially life-threatening danger.例如,大多數父母可以回憶起撫養孩子的那一刻,那裡存在立即甚至可能危及生命的危險。 If you've experienced such a moment, you found that you needed to be in a self that was, on the one hand, able to calm a frightened child and, on the other hand, able to snatch them from a dangerous situation—sometimes with a speed and strength you did not know you had.如果您經歷了這樣的片刻,您會發現自己需要處於一種自我狀態,一方面能夠使受驚的孩子平靜下來,另一方面能夠使他們從危險的情況中奪走-有時以您不知道的速度和力量。


Could just such a switch actually save your own life?這樣的開關真的可以挽救自己的生命嗎? There is a remarkable example quoted in a wonderful recent book by John Kaag, where he describes a moment in the life of the famous naturalist John Muir:約翰·卡格(John Kaag)近期在其精彩著作中引用了一個非凡的例子,其中他描述了著名博物學家約翰·繆爾(John Muir)的一生:


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“After gaining a point about half-way to the top,” Muir recalled, “I was suddenly brought to a dead stop, with arms outspread, clinging close to the face of the rock, unable to move hand or foot either up or down.”繆爾回憶說:“在到達最高點的一半後,我突然陷入僵局,雙臂伸開,緊貼岩石表面,無法上下移動手或腳。” This was the crux, according to Muir.根據Muir的說法,這才是關鍵。

“我的厄運似乎是固定的。 I must fall.我必須跌倒。 There would be a moment of bewilderment, and then a lifeless rumble down the one general precipice to the glacier below.將會有一瞬間的困惑,然後毫無生氣的隆隆聲傳到了下面冰川的一個普遍懸崖上。 When this final danger flashed up on me, I became nerve-shaken for the first time since setting foot in the mountains, and my mind seemed to fill with a stifling smoke.”當這個最後的危險突然降臨到我身上時,自從踏上山峰以來,我第一次感到神經震撼,我的大腦似乎充滿了窒息的煙霧。”

As my (JF) daughter once wrote me while living in a tiny village in a mountainous area of a South American rainforest, “Remember, because I'm writing you this letter, you will know that I lived.”正如我(JF)的女兒曾經在一個南美雨林山區的一個小村莊里寫給我的那樣,“記住,因為我是在給你寫這封信,所以你會知道我住的。” So too, we have the above description from John Muir because he survived.同樣,我們也有約翰·繆爾(John Muir)的上述描述,因為他倖免於難。 The very precariousness of his situation brought about a shift in his selves.他處境的car可危使他的自我發生了轉變。 Here is how he described what next occurred:這是他描述接下來發生的事情:

“這次可怕的蝕只持續了片刻,那時。 。 。 I seemed suddenly to become possessed of a new sense.我似乎突然變得擁有一種新的感覺。 The other self—instinct, or Guardian Angel, call it what you will—came forward and assumed control.”另一個自我(本能,或守護天使)稱呼您,將前進並承擔控制權。”

幾分鐘前因恐懼而凍結自己的身體的自我似乎消失了,取而代之的是他所謂的“另一個自我”。 請注意,在他的描述中,並沒有實際的魔術般的外部影響-除了隱喻之外,沒有外部的守護天使-但是,可以肯定的是,他在正確的時間找到了正確的頭腦。


“我顫抖的肌肉再次變得堅硬,岩石上的所有裂痕和裂痕都可以通過顯微鏡觀察到。 My limbs moved with a positiveness and precision with which I seem to have nothing at all to do.我的四肢積極而精準地移動著,而我似乎根本無事可做。 Had I been born aloft upon wings, my deliverance could not have been more complete.”如果我高高地出生,那麼我的救助再完美不過了。”

對於繆爾(Muir)以及他所繼承的美國國家公園系統(American National Parks system)來說,幸運的是,他的一部分知道何時,如何出來接管。

If Muir had “nothing at all to do” with moving himself forward in a positive confident way that prevented a fall, then who was it that was doing it?如果Muir以完全自信的方式向前邁進以防止跌倒,“與他無關”,那麼到底是誰在做呢? If the “I” who he was had become “nerve shaken,” then who, exactly, was the “I” that took over and knew exactly what to do?如果他的“我”已經變得“神經質動搖”,那麼“我”究竟是誰接管了並確切地知道該怎麼做?

也許一個更重要的問題是: 如何 did he do it?他做到了嗎? And why didn't he know that he could do it from the start?他為什麼不知道他從一開始就可以做到呢? 

Unfortunately, this is not a question that can be answered in a few sentences.不幸的是,這不是一個可以用幾句話回答的問題。 It took us the better part of a chapter in our book to fully flesh it out.我們花了本書一章的大部分時間來充實它。 Let us just say here that we find in the most successful people a heightened ability to switch selves when doing so is called for.讓我們在這裡說,我們需要在最成功的人中找到提高自我切換能力。 We discuss and illustrate, with a number of somewhat less terrifying examples, what that looks like in more ordinary situations and how awareness and practice can make it second nature for any of us.我們用一些不太可怕的例子來討論和說明,在更普通的情況下看起來是什麼樣子,以及意識和實踐如何使其成為我們所有人的第二天性。


Until you know you have different selves—that they are real, have innate value, and often demonstrate their own agendas and capacities—you can't really work well with them.除非您知道自己各不相同-他們是真實的,具有與生俱來的價值,並且經常展示自己的議程和能力,否則您將無法真正與他們合作。 Until you know you're a symphony, you can't orchestrate the players.除非您知道自己是交響曲,否則就無法編排演奏者。 Until you know you're a team, you can't play to win.除非您知道自己是一支團隊,否則您就無法贏得比賽。

直到您認識到並允許您生活中的其他人可能不會這樣的事實為止,事實上, 不會—當他們與您在一起時,總是會表現出最佳和最合適的自我,當他們有問題或功能失調的自我之一以錯誤的方式撫弄您時,您更有可能做出反應。



除了意識,這裡沒有真正的魔術。 Most of us have been told for so long that everyone must have a single self—and that if you don't, you're in deep trouble—that we have forgotten (or never learned) there is another (and far more obvious and effective) option.我們大多數人已經被告知這麼久了,每個人都必須擁有一個自我-如果您沒有,那您就陷入了嚴重的麻煩-我們已經忘記(或從未學習過),還有另外一個(而且顯而易見的是,有效)選項。 That option is to simply question the Single Self Assumption, as we call it.該選項是簡單地質疑我們所稱的單一自我假設。

See for yourself what happens if you start playing with the idea that you can consciously learn to shift into your best self on any occasion.You can make plans for how to do this.親眼看看如果您開始玩這樣的想法,即您可以在任何情況下有意識地學習成為最佳自我的想法,會發生什麼。您可以製定計劃來做到這一點。 You can practice doing this ahead of time in your mind.您可以提前練習練習此操作。 And you can simply imagine—in real time or as close to it as you can manage—that you are the kind of person who just您可以簡單地(實時或盡其所能)想像一下,您就是那種 知道 how to do this.這個怎麼做。 And then, in the nick of time, you'll do it.然後,在最短的時間內,您會做到的。

我們學到的東西以及我們為什麼寫書的原因是 當您知道自己和其他所有人都有自我時,生活會變得更有意義,工作會更好。 All you need to start experiencing this—whatever level you're already at—is to start with the idea that there's more to you (and each of us) than we have been told, and that there might be a simpler, more logical, and more effective way of seeing and dealing with each other.不管您已經處於何種水平,開始體驗這一點的全部工作就是從這樣一個想法開始:對您(以及我們每個人)來說,比我們被告知的要多的東西,而且可能會有更簡單,更合乎邏輯的,以及更有效的彼此見面和相處的方式。

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James Fadiman博士and Jordan Gruber, JD和JD的Jordan Gruber

Your Symphony of Selves: Discover and Understand More of Who We Are by James Fadiman Ph.D.自我的交響曲:發現和了解我們是詹姆斯·法迪曼(James Fadiman)博士and Jordan Gruber, JD和JD的Jordan GruberOffering groundbreaking insight into the dynamic nature of personality, James Fadiman and Jordan Gruber show that each of us is comprised of distinct, autonomous, and inherently valuable “selves.”詹姆斯·法迪曼(James Fadiman)和喬丹·格魯伯(Jordan Gruber)對人格的動態本質提供了開創性的見解,表明我們每個人都是由截然不同,自治且內在地有價值的“自我”組成。 They also show that honoring each of these selves is a key to improved ways of living, loving, and working.他們還表明,尊重每個自我都是改善生活,愛心和工作方式的關鍵。

欲了解更多信息或訂購此書, 點擊這裡.. (也可作為有聲書和Kindle版本。)


詹姆斯·法迪曼(James Fadiman)博士詹姆斯·法迪曼(James Fadiman)博士擁有哈佛和斯坦福大學的學位,曾任兩家公司的總裁,在四所大學任教,是國際研討會的負責人,並撰寫過教科書,商業書籍和小說。 諮詢客戶包括IBM,惠普,美聯儲銀行和Foster's Freeze。 他是微劑量研究中最重要的研究人員之一,也是索菲亞大學的聯合創始人。 他從事健康多樣性研究已有20多年了。 詹姆斯·法迪曼(James Fadiman)的書籍

約旦格魯伯(JD)約旦格魯伯(JD),作家,協作作家,幽靈作家和編輯,在法證法,金融服務和自我發展方面偽造並雕刻了權威著作。 他畢業於賓厄姆頓大學和弗吉尼亞大學法學院,創建了Enlightenment.com網站,現在是通過SuperBound項目進行反彈運動的主要倡導者。 JD喬丹·格魯伯(Jordan Gruber)的書


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