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在過去的幾年中,我很幸運地成為了 當地廣播節目 專注於個人發展。 那時,將近一千名聽眾就生活問題與我聯繫。 近一半的人問:“我的目的是什麼?” 出於好奇,我開始向來到我的工作坊的人們問兩個問題:“誰相信他們有人生目的?” 和“誰知道他們的目的是什麼?”

Without exception, everyone believed they had a purpose yet only a small fraction knew what it was.毫無例外,每個人都認為自己有目標,但只有一小部分人知道目標是什麼。 After reviewing the problems my clients asked me about, I realized they also struggle to identify their purpose.在回顧了客戶問我的問題之後,我意識到他們也在努力確定目的。 More than anything, people want to develop their potential, overcome their blocks, and make a difference in the world.人們最想發展自己的潛力,克服障礙,並改變世界。

It therefore astounds me that so many feel lost, especially when I know how you can understand your life and find your unique purpose.因此,令我驚訝的是,許多人感到迷失,特別是當我知道您如何理解自己的生活並找到自己的獨特目的時。 The key is the relationship between your intuition and chakras, which is your internal guidance system for life.關鍵是直覺和脈輪之間的關係,脈輪是生命的內部指導系統。 I am encouraged that so many bright, powerful individuals want to make a difference.令我感到鼓舞的是,這麼多聰明,有能力的人都希望有所作為。 If each is helped to shed their limits and freely express their potential, our world can be different.如果每個人都能擺脫自己的局限並自由地表達自己的潛力,我們的世界可能會有所不同。


Most people believe they have a higher purpose, but they have no idea what it is.大多數人認為他們有更高的目標,但他們不知道這是什麼。 As a consequence, life does not feel focused, and they struggle to find meaning.結果,生活不會感到專注,他們努力尋找意義。 Some have a vague notion but are not deeply in touch with their purpose.有些人的概念含糊不清,但與他們的目的沒有很深的聯繫。

甚至那些知道目的的人也承認他們沒有 總是知道這一點,並且他們仍然經歷著不確定的時期。 We have all spent sleepless nights questioning our life choices.我們都度過了不眠之夜,質疑我們的生活選擇。 We are not always consciously creating our lives in alignment with our purpose, even if we do know what it is.即使我們確實知道目標是什麼,我們也並非總是有意識地根據自己的目標創造生活。

My purpose is to be an intuitive messenger and teacher.我的目標是成為一個直觀的使者和老師。 I express this in my work as a writer, radio host, and mentor.我在作家,電台主持人和導師的工作中表達了這一點。 In my awakening journey, I spent years as a scientist and businesswoman.在我的覺醒之旅中,我花了多年時間擔任科學家和女商人。 On the surface my life was fabulous.從表面上看,我的生活很棒。 I had a great job that paid well and allowed me to travel the world.我的工作很出色,薪水很高,可以環遊世界。

Playing the role of the person I thought I was meant to be was not fulfilling, however.但是,扮演我以為我應該成為的人的角色並沒有實現。 I didn't believe the real me was good enough so I covered her with a blanket of other people's expectations.我不相信真實的我足夠好,所以我用別人期望的毯子蓋住了她。 My pain caused me to seek answers.我的痛苦使我尋求答案。 I wanted greater meaning to my life.我希望自己的生活更有意義。 My search led me to wonderful people, places, and experiences, and I learned everything I needed to create the life I desired.通過搜索,我找到了很棒的人,地方和經歷,並且我學到了創造理想生活所需的一切。

I discovered I came here with an instruction manual and toolkit for my life.我發現自己帶著一本使用手冊和工具包來到這裡。 My toolkit contains a global positioning device that tells me where I am right now and a navigation system that gives clear directions.我的工具包包含一個全球定位設備(可以告訴我現在在哪裡)和一個導航系統,可以提供清晰的方向。 I also have an abundance of talents that are precisely what I need to support my journey.我還擁有大量的人才,正是我所需要的才能支持我的旅程。


You also have an instruction manual and toolbox that contain exactly what you need for your life plan.您還將擁有一份說明手冊和工具箱,其中包含您的生活計劃所需的確切信息。 The positioning device is your energy field.定位設備就是您的能量場。 It contains complete information about your life, and how you are living.它包含有關您的生活以及您的生活的完整信息。 It locates you in the present moment, has a record of where you were, and shows you where you are headed.它會在當前時刻找到您的位置,並記錄您的去向,並向您顯示去向。

The chakras provide the navigation.脈輪提供導航。 They form your energy field, process your life experiences, and provide you with a direct line to your higher guidance.它們形成了您的能量場,處理了您的生活經歷,並為您提供了通往更高指導的直接途徑。 They are conduits for intuition to flow from your higher consciousness to your temporal self.它們是直覺的管道,從您的更高意識流向您的時間自我。


每週雜誌 每日靈感

在您的直覺提供指導的同時,直覺的不同形式是構成您的直覺藍圖的才能。 如果您解鎖這些禮物,則可以確定方向,有效地引導自己的路線,捍衛自己的成長並按照自己的目標生活。



You are not simply your physical body, you are spirit.您不僅是身體,還是精神。 In fact, you are a multidimensional eternal being of love and light.實際上,您是愛與光的多維永恆存在。 Your body is a vehicle you created to have focused experiences in physical reality, which are meant to expand your consciousness.您的身體是您創造的一種工具,可以在物理現實中獲得集中的體驗,旨在擴大您的意識。 To do that, you need to occupy your body and take charge of it, so you can consciously create your experiences through it.為此,您需要佔據身體並掌控身體,以便可以通過它有意識地創造自己的體驗。 When you occupy your body, you fill it with your light.當您佔據身體時,就充滿了光線。 In other words, you enlighten it.換句話說,您啟發了它。

Enlightenment is also about becoming lighter.啟蒙也是關於變得更輕。 It is about you raising the vibration of your body, so it can comfortably be occupied by your consciousness, and so you can wake up inside yourself and be consciously aware.它與您提高身體的振動有關,因此它可以被您的意識舒適地佔據,因此您可以在內部醒來並自覺地意識到。 This is a common purpose of all of humanity.這是全人類的共同目標。

耶穌,佛陀和穆罕默德等大師級老師向我們展示瞭如何通過他們的人生故事來做到這一點。 他們是路演者,他們想幫助我們減輕負擔並實現自己的掌握。 他們都是平衡與雙重性的大師,這就是為什麼他們能夠創造奇蹟並展示出高度先進的能力的原因,例如將水變成酒,將麵包和魚變成肉食,分開紅海以及在水上行走。 他們是心靈和能量治療者,並利用自己的能力幫助他們實現了在地球上的目標。 他們遵循更高的指導,以精神交流,並治癒了自己和他人。 像這些老師一樣,每個人都是獨一無二的,他們可以為這個世界做出無與倫比的貢獻。


Imagine humanity as a great symphony;想像人類是一場偉大的交響曲; each individual being a finely tuned instrument, with a unique note to play in a magnificent opus.每個人都是經過微調的樂器,帶有獨特的音符,可以演奏壯麗的作品。 To play your unique note, you must understand how your instrument works.要演奏獨特的音符,您必須了解樂器的工作原理。 You must discover the correct keys, strings, or finger holds that will produce the perfect pitch and tone.您必鬚髮現正確的琴鍵,琴弦或手指托,以產生完美的音調和音調。 As in an orchestra, the tuba can't play the part that was written for the violin.就像在樂隊中一樣,大號無法演奏為小提琴演奏的樂曲。 The tuba can only do justice to the part that was written for the tuba.大號只能對為大號編寫的部分伸張正義。

每個人都是獨特的樂器。 正確調音後,您便可以播放為您專門創作的優美音樂。 這種音樂是您生活的目標。 沒有其他人可以彈奏您的音符。 只有你可以。

If you do not play it, the symphony will lose harmony.如果您不彈奏,交響曲將失去和聲。 You will do yourself and fellow musicians a great disservice.您將對自己和音樂家們造成極大的傷害。 This is why it makes no sense to compare yourself to, or try to emulate, another.這就是為什麼將自己與另一個人進行比較或模仿是沒有意義的。 If you play someone else's note, then no one is playing yours.如果您演奏別人的音符,那麼沒有人在演奏您的音符。 There will be a gap in the symphony and the other musicians may feel unworthy, as someone else is playing their part.交響樂中會出現空白,其他音樂家可能會感到不配,因為其他人正在發揮作用。

As a soul, you have many capabilities—so many you cannot fit them into one body.作為靈魂,您擁有許多能力,因此您無法將它們融入一個身體。 You decide before birth what you will focus on.您可以在出生前決定要關注的重點。 You set parameters such as when, where, and to whom you will be born.您可以設置參數,例如出生時間,出生地點和出生對象。 You decide what you wish to experience, and how you want to grow.您可以決定要體驗的內容以及成長的方式。 You select a physical body that can support it.您選擇可以支撐它的身體。 You also determine which of your skills, wisdom, and spiritual abilities you will emphasize to support your goals.您還可以確定要強調哪些技能,智慧和精神能力來支持自己的目標。

David不需要他的耙子,計算器或鍋碗瓢盆,因此可以再將它們放在一旁,尤其是因為他的工具帶僅有一定數量的工具可以容納的空間。 He also agrees to work with a joiner, painter, and plasterer (soul group members) whose goals align with his.他還同意與目標一致的木工,畫家和抹灰工(靈魂小組成員)一起工作。 David also takes into account the locale where he will work (be born).大衛還考慮了他將工作的地區(出生時)。 They may have different customs and use slightly different tools in one country than another, or at one time versus another (on the planet), depending on the larger job at hand.他們的習慣可能不同,在一個國家/地區使用的工具可能略有不同,或者在某個時間與另一個國家(在地球上)使用的工具略有不同,這取決於手頭的工作量較大。

Your Intuition Blueprint is just like this.您的直覺藍圖就是這樣。 You, the eternal being, have many aspects—so many that you could not fit them all into one lifetime.您,永恆的人,有很多方面,以至於您無法將它們全部融入一生。 You choose what is most relevant and helpful given what you plan to focus on.您可以根據計劃重點選擇最相關和最有幫助的內容。


There is a difference between life purpose and life goals.人生目標和人生目標之間存在差異。 You may believe your purpose is to be a foreign ambassador.您可能會相信您的目標是成為外國大使。 This is a goal rather than your purpose, though your attraction to this role may be because your purpose is exploring peace within yourself and others.這是一個目標,而不是您的目標,儘管您對這個角色的吸引力可能是因為您的目標是在自己和他人內部尋求和平。

作為一個全職媽媽,您可能會感到沮喪,因為相信照顧苛刻的孩子會使您無法成為大學教授。 假設您的目的實際上是學習擁有自己的個人空間並表達您的真實聲音。 這兩個角色都是探索這一點的機會。 您可以通過不同的方式體驗自己的目標。 即使您認為自己不走自己的路,也總是會遇到可以滿足您擴展目的的經驗。

You are consciousness projected into the matrix of time and space on Earth.您將意識投射到地球上的時空矩陣中。 Here you experience separation and polarity.在這裡,您會體驗到分離和極性。 You have free will and can make choices about how you live.您有自由意志,可以選擇自己的生活方式。 Your choices help you navigate physical reality.您的選擇將幫助您導航物理現實。 They may be conscious or unconscious, but either way, they take you up to peaks, and down to valleys of your life path.他們可能是有意識的也可能是無意識的,但是無論哪種方式,他們都會帶您進入人生的高峰和低谷。 You get to explore the landscape of your uniqueness along the way.您將沿途探索自己獨特之處。

As spirit, there is oneness, eternity, and inter-connectedness.作為精神,有統一性,永恆性和相互聯繫。 Many of us spend our whole life yearning for the love and peace we know exists but which seems elusive.我們許多人一生都渴望獲得我們所知道的愛與和平,但這似乎難以捉摸。 We long to return to our source.我們渴望回到我們的源頭。 Life on this planet is a series of ups and downs for everyone, and the soul delights in new experiences.這個星球上的生活對每個人來說都是一波三折,靈魂樂在新的體驗中。 From a spiritual perspective, there are no good or bad life events.從精神角度講,沒有好事或壞事。 Only experiences to play out for the purpose of expansion.只有體驗才能擴展。 While you might strive for a life with more ups than downs, both are grist for the mill of your expansion.雖然您可能會努力追求人生而不是跌宕起伏,但兩者都是您擴張的動力。

If you believe there is a way to get your life just right, think again;如果您認為有辦法讓自己的生活過上正確的生活,請再考慮一下; there is no right and wrong.沒有對與錯。 Instead, there is you in the eternal moment of now, making choices and experiencing results.取而代之的是,您處於永恆的時刻,做出選擇並體驗結果。 If you judge your choices when you don't like the outcome, you remain stuck.如果您在不滿意結果的情況下判斷自己的選擇,則會陷入困境。 Instead, if you realize you just experienced something that you do not prefer, you can move on.相反,如果您意識到自己剛剛經歷了自己不喜歡的事情,就可以繼續前進。 If you blame others for the unfortunate circumstances of your life, you are giving your power away.如果您將不幸的生活歸咎於他人,那麼您就是在放手。 When you take responsibility, you take charge and steer the boat in a different direction.當您承擔責任時,您將負責並將船轉向另一個方向。

All experiences are equally valid and fuel your expansion.所有經驗都同樣有效,並能助您一臂之力。 No matter what choices you do or do not make, or how you live out your life, you will fulfill your purpose to expand in consciousness.無論您做出或不做出什麼選擇,或者過著怎樣的生活,您都將實現擴大意識的目的。 You will have new experiences never had by anyone before, and in doing so add to the expansion of all consciousness.您將擁有任何人從未有過的新體驗,並且這樣做會擴展所有意識。 You will change and you will grow.你會改變,你會成長。 If you do it consciously rather than unconsciously, you may find you manifest a more joyful life.如果您有意識地而不是無意識地這樣做,您可能會發現自己過著更加快樂的生活。


Clues to your present purpose for this lifetime lie in what you feel passionate about.您一生中目前目標的線索在於您對自己充滿熱情。 In this exercise, you will make a list of everything you love now, as well as a historical list of what you loved through different stages of your life.在本練習中,您將列出您現在愛的所有事物的清單,以及您生活中各個階段所愛的歷史清單。 Then you will review what you wrote for overarching themes.然後,您將回顧您為總體主題編寫的內容。

  1. Make a list of everything you feel passionate about.列出您感興趣的所有內容。 Note for each one if it is for sheer joy or because you wish to create or change it.請注意每一個是純粹的喜悅,還是要創建或更改它。 Review your notes and identify clues to your life purpose.查看您的筆記並找出有關您生活目標的線索。

  2. Make another list of your childhood dreams and creative desires.再列出您的童年夢想和創造慾望。 Note which ones came true and validate your ability to follow your passion and purpose.注意哪些是對的,並驗證您遵循自己的熱情和目標的能力。 For those that didn't happen yet, cross out the ones that don't apply to you now.對於那些尚未發生的事情,請刪除那些現在不適用於您的問題。 Review the remainder and ask why they didn't come true.查看其餘部分,並詢問為什麼它們沒有實現。 Notice if there are any common themes that stand out.請注意是否有任何突出的常見主題。

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直覺與脈輪:如何通過能量促進心理髮展作者:萊斯利·菲利普斯(Lesley Phillips)博士This remarkable book makes it easy to receive intuitive guidance whenever you wish, be confident in your answers to life's big questions, and follow your inner wisdom to happiness and success.這本非同尋常的書使您可以輕鬆地隨時隨地接受直觀的指導,對生活中的重大問題的答案充滿信心,並遵循內在的智慧獲得幸福和成功。 Lesley Phillips shows you how to develop your unique profile of psychic abilities through simple energetic techniques.萊斯利·菲利普斯(Lesley Phillips)向您展示瞭如何通過簡單的精力充沛的技巧來發展自己獨特的心理能力。 By uniting your subtle body and intuition, you can heighten self-knowledge, reveal your inner truth, heal on multiple levels, and create your best reality.通過將微妙的身體和直覺結合起來,您可以增強自我知識,揭示內在真理,在多個層面上得到治愈並創造最佳現實。

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萊斯利·菲利普斯(Lesley Phillips)博士Lesley Phillips博士, has taught intuition development and meditation since 1996. Ordained as a minister and spiritual counselor in 2003 and a spiritual teacher in 2005, she is the founder of the School of Intuition, an online psychic development school.自XNUMX年以來一直教授直覺發展和冥想。她於XNUMX年被任命為部長和精神顧問,並於XNUMX年被任命為靈性老師,是在線心理髮展學校直覺學院的創始人。 Lesley is also the host of an award-winning radio show called萊斯利(Lesley)也是獲獎電視節目主持人 釋放你的真相。 她通過閱讀,授課,靜修和演講活動幫助了成千上萬人。 在以下位置在線訪問她 DrLesleyPhillips.com.

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